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About us

We Building Everything That You Needed

We are a dynamic group that handles all your borehole needs, pump systems and solar systems installation professionally. We aim at delivering high quality services to our clients at affordable market rates. We  have  the   capacity   and  expertise needed to satisfy all your drilling requirements.

Over time, we have established an exceptional reputation as a provider of quality services, using state of the art equipment and client-focused business processes. We liase other industry players to stay updated and deliver internationally reputable services that also meet local standards.

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Great Experience for Building Construction & Renovation

After the contract has been formalised, Our technical team visits the site along with geologists to identify the best place to carry out the drilling process. The drilling rig accompanied by a support truck arrives at the site.

Based on soil and rock formation conditions, we would take approximately 3 hours to prepare for the drilling process. The drilling is carried out using the “Down-The-Hole” (DTH) technology. We use high compressed air built within our drilling rig. The size of the hole varies, depending on the client’s requirements.

Geological rock samples are taken every 2 meters. Struck and water rest levels are constantly recorded. This way we are able to estimate the yield of individual aquifers encountered. Work with Tiwi Drilling for your Drilling needs

  • Convenient & Reliable services
  • Market Friendly drilling rates
  • Environment Conscious practices
  • International services standards conformity
  • Experience and a 98% success rate
  • Testimonials from our former and current clients









Hydrological Reports, Water Analysis Reports & NEMA Reports

When necessary, we will help you acquire the prerequisite documentation (permits and licenses) for drilling activity.

Once the geologist has surveyed the area, he/she will provide you with a detailed report on the geology of the parcel of land.

This report will also indicate the estimated depth of the water and the exact location of the borehole.

The report is an important document you will require, to get the drilling process going, besides other important documents.

  • Geological/Hydrological Survey carried out by a registered geologist.
  • Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA)Authorization.
  • Conducting Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & getting License from NEMA
  • No Objection Letter from Water Service Provider like Nairobi Water Company

Trusted By More Than 50 Happy Clients

Our projects are fully tested, background checked, license validated and insured
with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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